My origins are from that special place in Europe where the East and the West collide, Republic of Moldova. I specialized early on in Cinematography after finishing my studies in different countries around Europe, being tutored by Stefan Chiupek, Christian Berger, Vadim Yusov and Rafi Pitts.


I enjoy shooting different types of projects: films, documentaries, music videos or fashion movies. This gives me the possibility to discover and to enrich my cinematographic language, to deepen my studies of light and test new ways of visual expression.


When I met director Andrey A. Eshpay, he invited me to Moscow to work on my feature debut “Russian Performance”. The visual style that I’ve created for this movie was inspired from the work and life of Jackson Pollock. During the making of this project I developed a unique way of relating with the characters, a special bound between the camera and the actors.


After the debut I shot a TV-series drama, also directed by Andrey A. Eshpay, which had huge box office success on the Russian Market. The plot demanded a realistic approach so I personalised the magical realism style to the character driven drama. I continued the research on my way of working with the actors, giving them total freedom in my compositions.


After 3 years in Moscow I’ve returned to Romania to pair with Alecu Solomon to film his latest documentary called Tarzan’s Testicles, which had the international premiere at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2017. A visual metaphor from the first frame till its last one.  


I always look for new challenges and search for new ways of visual expression, not only for the sake of originality but also for the pursuit of truth and authenticity.